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Welcome to the BESC. We offer a wide variety of sailing opportunities for everyone, from complete beginners to more hardened sailors. We have members used to competing at the highest levels of sport, through to those who are more happy with a short sail followed by a trip to the pub, to those who have never set foot in a boat before and are looking for training. BESC sailing offers a huge variety of opportunities – there will definitely be something for you!

Explore the website and find out what we have to offer, such as upcoming trips found here, or the training programme we offer here. The Clubs event programme, plus reports and photographs of social and sailing events are published in our irregular publication, Nuggets. You can sign up to the Nuggets mailing list here.

The Club, with a membership in excess of 100, brings together a majority of current Bank staff, Alumni and other keen sailors to offer some fantastic opportunities. We aim to offer a high volume of affordable sailing and teaching so as many people as possible can enjoy it. We have preferential rates with a top charter company on the Hamble, Fairview Sailing, which members can utilise with or without official BESC involvement.

Our cruising programme is very active, with at least two boats chartered from Fairview each month during the summer season. We can often be found exploring the coastline of the Solent or the East Coast, and during the summer season can be found further afield on the West Coast of Scotland. Recent years have seen the Summer Programme include trips to Greece, Turkey and Croatia.

Racing also plays an ever-growing role in the Club. Our annual Bank of England Regatta is always hard fought over between ourselves and other competing institutions. Over the course of the year the inter-bank racing series are hosting 4 regattas, starting with the BESC regatta and concluding with the John Lewis regatta. The BESC race team are called Team Ingotism.




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